Small Group Dinners: the Tradition Continues

Small Group Dinners: the Tradition Continues

Traditionally, small group dinners are one of the highlights of the Booth experience. Each quarter, students are randomly placed in groups of ten for dinner at premier local restaurants around the Chicago Loop and River North. Small group dinners offer students an additional chance to meet classmates we don’t know, while eating delicious food. Their popularity shows that Boothies are dedicated to reaching outside of our comfort zones and getting to know each other, long after Orientation has ended. 

While COVID-19 has interrupted our daily lives, it hasn’t tamed our desire to continue to grow our bond with each other and expand our community. Last week, Booth launched online small group dinners. This initiative allowed each participant to order dinner from their local restaurant of choice and eat with a group over Zoom. 

For my group dinner, I met with eight other students I didn’t previously know. We started by introducing ourselves and playing a bit of trivia. We shared how our lives have been since March. For many of us, the end to physical classes has meant a move away from Chicago. Resuming these small group dinners has allowed us to resume normalcy and keep the fun that we have cherished over our year at Booth. 

I’m looking forward to the next one and getting to know even more Boothies!

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