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Spring Break 2020: The Homebody Edition

With all my flights and plans canceled due to a variety of “shelter-in-place” orders, I’m ready to embark on my next adventure: traveling from my bed to the couch to the kitchen and back to the couch. But it gets a lot more interesting! In this pandemic Spring Break, creativity and learning new things rule.

Booth’s Graduate Business Council didn’t leave us hanging. They immediately instituted a lineup of virtual events to facilitate social gatherings that complied with social distancing. The initial lineup of virtual events hosted by my fellow Booth students included: game night, yoga instruction, cooking lessons, trivia, and more. All of our virtual get-togethers will take place over Zoom, just like our Spring Quarter classes. We’ll see how these events turn out!

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Booth in the time of covid-19

When I imagined my final quarter at Booth, it looked something like this: I would be relieved of most leadership positions (having passed the torch to the Class of 2021) and finished with my graduation requirements, leaving me to take four purely elective classes (including one at the Law School) and TA for a fifth. I would spend the balance of my time making memories with the peers who have become lifelong friends, while exploring Chicago before I move back home to Boston following graduation in June.

When I imagined my final quarter at Booth, it certainly did not look like this: taking all of my classes remotely via Zoom, while sheltering-in-place inside a 600 square foot apartment, constantly thinking about the health and safety of my family, friends, and others in the world.

While none of us imagined finding ourselves in this position, it has first and foremost served as a reminder that I am privileged to be at an institution as well-resourced as the University of Chicago, where we have access to the best medical care, and a community as strong as the one at Booth. In the roughly ten days since the announcement that Spring Quarter will be entirely online, a new normal has set in. To paint a better picture, I wanted to share a couple vignettes depicting just what that has meant for my day-to-day…

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Women@booth series: Julia Boserup

The Booth Experience’s Women@Booth series aims to highlight the experiences of exemplary women leaders at the school. Over the month of March, we will speak to women across Chicago Booth to uncover their past experiences, understand what brought them to Booth, and get a sneak peek into what lies ahead for them. We hope these stories bring to the fore the people who make Chicago Booth a great community to be part of and inspire women around the world.

The first person to be featured in this series is Julia Boserup. Julia is a former professional tennis player who chose Booth to sharpen her business knowledge and move into the world of management consulting.

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Tales of an ESSEC exchange student at Booth

September 2019. I am finally boarding my United B787 from Paris to Chicago. 8 hours to go. I have already contacted many of the fellow exchange students to understand what weather to expect (spoiler: it was colder than expected!). Also, I have just figured out how to properly bid for classes. Finally, thanks to the help of an American pal, I am fully briefed on how to survive and thrive in Chicagoland. In my mind, I expect an extraordinary trimester.

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