Walking Through an MBA
Join me as I take you on a journey into my life as a Part-Time MBA student at Chicago Booth. My name is Vishan and throughout my MBA experience, I’ve led an intentional journey of purpose and growth.

As with all part-time Boothies, our pursuit of and journey through an MBA is nothing short of intentional. We’ve decided to give ourselves the biggest professional opportunity of our career and run with it as far as we can.

Very quickly, I found myself at Booth partaking in any opportunity to compete, volunteer, and grow as an individual – these experiences all came from outside of coursework. On my way to being overwhelmed, I realized that the level of intention with which I chose to do an MBA, was the same level of intention I needed to bring to all my choices and commitments.

Having moved to Chicago for my MBA, building and contributing to the community was important to me and ultimately extremely rewarding. I was able to volunteer a lot of my time and skills to help small businesses through programs offered by the Polsky and Rustandy Centers. As I near the end of my MBA journey, I found that all of my introspection led me to very intentionally choosing a different set of obligations than quarters ago.

For those interested, my time now is spent taking on professional programming through Career Services and connecting with industry specific student government associations in order to learn more about potential career paths. While this is a tiny slice into the path of one MBA student, I hope it provides some insight for those navigating the Booth road. May your steps through the program fall securely and confidently.