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First Day Preview

For many admitted students from our Round 1 application cycle, this weekend will include a trip to Chicago for First Day festivities!  We’re hoping those visiting are as excited as we are to get the show on the road. And I can personally attest to the hard work our First Day team has put in to make this a memorable few days as well as a pivotal moment in the decision for admitted students of which business school to attend.

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Checking Out the New Retail in Millennium Park Plaza

Now you really never need to leave Millennium Park Plaza (MPP). That’s the running joke, now that the retail shops along Michigan Avenue are open on the ground level of MPP, a building where a substantial number of Booth students live. You may have had the opportunity to see the building this weekend if you took a housing tour during First Day (I recommend looking at it again some other time — the building management takes pains to make sure MPP looks great for the tours). MPP had been undergoing renovation for over a year that included moving the lobby and inconveniencing residents, so people are eager to finally take advantage of the benefits.

One of the best things about living downtown is that there are a ton of places to eat and shop. There are four new retail establishments in the building: The Protein Bar, Garrett Popcorn, Lids, and David’s Tea. These shops have two big things going for them — they’re new, and you do not actually have to go outside to get to some of them. Let’s review them. Continue reading Checking Out the New Retail in Millennium Park Plaza

South Side Uptown Funk
(Booth First Day Flash Mob)

The Winter Garden was buzzing with excitement on First Day as the incoming Class of 2017 got to meet each other as well as current students, who welcomed them to the Booth community. Just as everyone was about to grab lunch and go to class, the crowd in the Winter Garden got a huge surprise… a FLASH MOB!

How were over 100 Boothies able to pull off this flash mob of epic proportions? The Booth Dance Club (BDC) co-chairs organized it all. Norman Wang, Srividya Pandya, and Emily Theis garnered volunteers through word of mouth and the class Facebook pages. Emily explained that once they got a few people involved, “it grew more organically after word started to spread, and more people wanted to be a part of it.” Understanding everyone’s differing levels of commitment and busy schedules, they offered multiple sections with varied amounts of dancing, as well as a flexible practice schedule. How did they keep track of everything? “In true Booth fashion we had an Excel matrix that highlighted what every group was doing throughout different sections of the song … it was very Boothie of us,” Srividya joked.

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(Booth First Day Flash Mob)

Should My Partner Come With to First Day?

Two years ago, before my First Day, I wasn’t sure why my wife would want to go with to First Day. After all, my wife and I were already living in Chicago and she was working at the University of Chicago Hospital. We felt like we knew the city and we knew the U of C, so at the time, we didn’t see the benefits. However, if for no other reason than getting an MBA is a huge investment for both of us, she came with me. We were pleasantly surprised how much we both ended up getting out of the event as partners.

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