Making the Most of First Day

Making the Most of First Day

This week is a special week at Chicago Booth, not only because we are expecting fresh snow, but also because we get to welcome Round One admits for Class of 2024 for admitted students weekend also known as First Day! The Booth community is particularly excited for this year’s First Day, which will be a combination of in person and virtual programming.

In an effort to help students prepare for the upcoming week, have a look at sage advice from Boothies on how to make the most of First Day:

“Don’t be surprised if the people you meet at First Day end up playing a big role in your future Booth journey.

In my case, my First Day squad leader also ended up being my LEAD Facilitator. LEAD is a hands-on, experiential course designed to help you identify your strengths and opportunities as a leader. It is taught by second years and happens during orientation and your first quarter. During LEAD, she helped me define my leadership style and encouraged me to pursue a student leadership position in our Graduate Business Council, which I’m so glad I did.

In addition, my Squad Leader also played a huge role in supporting my recent consulting recruiting process. I discussed my offers and my prep strategy with her and she was cheering me on the entire time all thanks to First Day.”

  • Morgan Tuff, 1Y

“My favorite thing about First Day, was the immediate connection I felt. I had no question left unanswered – from what class schedules look like, to the regular joints that Boothies visit. The earnest effort in making the admitted students feel welcome was not missed by me (nor the others at my First Day I’m sure) and I’m so glad I accepted my offer the very next day! 5 months into Booth life and I have no complaints!

A Chicago tip from an international student: a good parka is your best friend. It’s given me the power to visit every restaurant on my ever-growing Chicago must-visit list!”

  • Progya Parmita, 1Y

“I had the fortune of attending Round One First Day back in 2019 before the world changed and I feel so grateful. I am still very close to the people I met at First Day, many of them were some of my first friends at Booth.

My advice to anyone attending First Day is put yourself out there and do as many activities as you can. Be sure to exchange contact information with anyone you meet. This is a great way to start building your Booth network before you even start.”

  • Anna Versen, 2Y

“My advice is specific to anyone navigating two or more Admit Day events this weekend at multiple schools. I recommend attending a mix of both social- and academic-oriented events at all the schools you’re considering to get the most holistic idea of what each MBA experience would be like. This may seem hectic as you’re juggling various events, but it’s 100% worth it to make sure you’re making the best decision for you.”

Additionally, there are loads of dual admits in this same situation every year, so be sure to find peers in the same boat to share thoughts with and to get to know over the weekend. Some of my best friends at Booth were people I met at First Day, and I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world.”

  • Cooper Morrison, 2Y

And finally, I’d like to share recommendations:

  • Get to know Chicago! One of the best benefits of being a Boothie is having access to one of the most fun cities in the world. I’d recommend prioritizing exploring the neighborhoods we spend the most time in, The Loop and Hyde Park. If you have more time, check out Ben’s recent post on Chicago’s Neighborhoods.
  • Don’t miss the Chicago food scene. This town has incredible restaurants. Check out this article by The Infatuation to find The Chicago Greatest Hits List.
  • This weekend is definitely helpful for connecting with your future classmates, but make sure you’re also connecting to and exchanging contact information with the Booth classes above you. The current 1Ys and 2Ys you meet can be huge helping hands to you once you get here and we’d love to help.

Wishing everyone a warm and fun weekend ahead! We can’t wait to meet you and show you our beautiful wintery campus. (Photo credits to Sumant Nemmani, 1Y)

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