A Boothie in the city of Chicago

A Boothie in the city of Chicago

If you have ever wondered about Chicago Booth’s campus community dynamic, given that our school is in a large metropolitan city, you should check out where, what, and who comprises our everyday life in downtown Chicago.

As you can see in the pie charts below, 57% of Booth students live in the Loop (an area in downtown Chicago) – and moreover, they are actually only five minutes away from each other, in a triangle formed by the ‘MPP’, ‘Columbus Plaza,’ and ‘The Shoreham’ buildings. These 517 Boothies usually bump into each other while grocery shopping at Mariano’s, grabbing a burger at Sweetwater, or working out at the Lakeshore gym.



As 93% of students do not live in Hyde Park, you might be wondering how we get to school every day. For the early risers, the 7:48am Metra train ride becomes the first social interaction of the day with fellow Boothies. This 16-minute commute to campus is often quite social with mingling amongst students in an effort to find out the latest social news, gossip, and whatnot.

For others, the ‘Gleacher Center’ is a good alternative to commuting south to the Harper Center. As you can see on the map below, the downtown Booth building is only a short distance away from the MPP epicenter. It is quite common to find many Boothies studying and taking classes at this facility (which houses Booth’s Evening, Weekend, and Executive MBA programs), especially during winter.


The map shows the most popular residential buildings among Boothies (in yellow), the last 50 TNDC locations (in red), and the School’s facilities (with Booth’s logo).

All in all, Booth is a perfect amalgamation of a strong, close-knit community set against the backdrop of a big, exciting city.