What I learned about Booth in my Summer Internship

What I learned about Booth in my Summer Internship


Packing for my internship in California, I faced mixed emotions. On the one hand, I secured my dream internship and looked forward to exposing myself to the world’s hub of innovation: Silicon Valley. On the other hand, I was worried about departing from Chicago, a place I call home. “Will the Booth community and brand be as strong elsewhere?” – I asked myself. I have learned many new things during this fantastic summer, and here are some of my revelations about Booth.

Community without borders: Wherever you are, Booth is there with an amazing support system. The school planned a rich itinerary for Booth summers across the US that included various events bringing Boothies together. It also designated students as Regional and City Captains to facilitate local events. Shortly after arriving to Palo Alto, I attended a group dinner led by our fierce leader, Deputy Dean Stacey Kole, and extraordinary Associate Dean Julie Morton. I could not believe that they flew in from Chicago to hear about our summers! It was also a great opportunity to get together with Boothie interns, exchange experiences and be reflective about our journeys.

Alumni network: Like every other Boothie, I knew that Booth has a vast network of alumni (more than 51,000 alumni in 100+ countries). But, as a rising second year, it felt personal to see this network come together in the Fusion Events held throughout the Bay Area. Over appetizers and drinks, students interacted with alumni and prospective students (and our deans, once again!), all feeling a part of something meaningful… that Booth bond.

[San Francisco July Fusion Event]

Booth brand: Wearing my Booth t-shirts across the Valley has been a fantastic conversation starter with local folk. It’s been fascinating to learn how Booth is perceived in the West Coast — 2,000 miles away from campus. Well, I can tell you that it’s not only the community that crosses state lines, it’s also the brand. Some adjectives I heard include “badass,” “rigorous,” “amazing,” and just “woah,” With all I agree and I cannot wait to return to my second year in Chi-Town!