International Boothies Take Texas

International Boothies Take Texas

Last weekend I had the great fortune of joining an unofficial trek to Dallas (yes, treks do happen during the school year!), led by 2Y Will Fischer who’s from Texas. The best part of the trip: it was organized by a local who showed us his city and explained all the cultural nuances of his hometown. The second best part: it was an opportunity to experience Dallas with a group of international Boothies who hailed from Lebanon, India, Syria, and England. We enjoyed some fascinating discussions and reveled in the uniqueness, authenticity, and hospitality of our fellow Texans.

A few highlights from our trip:

The Dallas State Fair
The rides, pig races, mazes, animal shows, and automobile displays were memorable enough. But words cannot describe our amazement at the selection of fried foods at this fair—we saw and tasted everything from fried red velvet cupcakes to fried lemonade and brownies to fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Some of this was surprisingly delicious!

The Rodeo
As someone who has always lived in cities, I thought this was a truly eye-opening experience. We watched cowboys and cowgirls from the US and Japan compete and perform a variety of tricks on bulls, horses, and smaller cattle. After the show, we went right next door to Billy Bob’s (an iconic country and western club) for country music and dancing.

BBQ at the Pecan Lodge
No trip to Texas would be complete without BBQ. We passed by the Pecan Lodge for ribs, sausages, jalapeno mac and cheese, and root beer—it lived up to the hype.

History at the Sixth Floor Museum
We spent an afternoon learning about JFK and his ill-fated trip to Dallas, brushing up on our US history and drawing comparisons between past and present.

The trip was a great success and is a testament to the fact that learning at Booth doesn’t just happen in the classroom—a huge part of our MBA experience is what we learn from each other.