Andrea Aractingi

Booth Course Challenges Students to a Game

I am currently taking Professor Kathleen Fitzgerald’s Integrated Strategic Management Course. It’s been a bit unconventional – rather than turning in thought papers or problem solutions, I’ve been spending the past few weeks glued to the “Gleacher...

1Y Women of Booth

In our final post of our #herboothexperience series, we share a tribute to 1Y women. We wanted to highlight 5 who have already made significant contributions to the community and come from a variety of backgrounds.

Celebrating 2Y Women

In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating Booth women far and wide. In our first installment, we give a shout out to the 2Ys—intelligent, talented, ambitious and wise, they all add a tremendous amount to the Booth community. 

Marketing Curriculum Series: Channel Marketing at Booth

After my summer internship in brand management, I knew more than ever that I needed to get a better understanding of managing channel dynamics and product distribution. Just a few of the questions I had to grapple with are: What types of retailers...