Tell Your Story: Van Ha

Tell Your Story: Van Ha

“Tell Your Story” is a regular series that features one of our Booth community members. In his or her own words, the contributor details their path to Booth and other interesting personal highlights. Enjoy our first edition!

Where are you originally from? And what did you do prior to Booth?
I’m originally from the bustling Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and moved to Sydney, Australia by myself 11 years ago to pursue higher education and widen my horizons. In 2011, I went to the States for an exchange, then backpacked and traveled across the US for 3 months (visited 14 States) – loved this country so now I’m back for a while! Prior to Booth, I worked in Investments and Wealth Management in Sydney. Besides my full-time job, I co-founded a web/apps development company and we served clients from 8 different countries.

What made you want to go to business school?
In my industry, I was often the youngest in my team. Also, as a woman, I felt disadvantaged as the industry was heavily male-dominated. I would always rise to challenges, but more importantly, it helped me understand that my path was in a very different direction. I decided to go to business school to gain the necessary transformative experiences to realize my dreams.

What specifically about Booth was attractive to you and what do you hope to do afterwards?
The combination of paying it forward and the vast network of alumni / affiliates meant that for someone like myself, with deep interest and passion for fashion, beauty, and creativity, I could find the necessary resources here to gain the skills, knowledge, experience, and network I need to enter into my desired industry.

Describe your Booth experience thus far.
Overwhelming. Busy. Long hours. But! Exciting, rejuvenating, motivational, and extremely rewarding. Every class, every workshop, every event I attended – whether on or off-campus, whether large or small, whether official or otherwise, has given me so much. I can see myself growing and maturing by the moment.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I am an explorer. I explore my thoughts and feelings through painting (which I paint for commissions). I explore the world through adventures across the globe and I explore novel experiences through all manners of activities, from sports and dance to design and art. I love talking to people, and learning about all things new and different.

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