Booth Gear Pack: Must-Have Items For Next Fall

Booth Gear Pack: Must-Have Items For Next Fall

Congratulations to all of our Round One and Round Two admitted students! Now that you’re in at Booth, you may be wondering how to best prepare for the Chicago winter. The following list is The Booth Experience Team’s recommendations on the top 5 purchases you should make between now and next fall.

1a. Eddie Bauer Superior Down Parka

Cost: $349, Pros: Waterproof, can withstand -40 degrees C

At a fraction of the cost for a Canada Goose, the Eddie Bauer Superior Down Parka will have you feeling warm and snuggly all winter. Its parka length, blocks the wind super well, and makes it easy to walk from your apartment to Gleacher without wearing a bulky sweater underneath.

1b. The North Face Acropolis Parka

Cost: $299, Pros: exaggerated collar for added warmth, deep pockets

This stylish, knee-length coat receives stellar ratings for its perfect fit, arm length, and room for chunky accessories. Its waterproof nylon shell turns away rain, sleet, snow, or hail. Pair it with heeled snow boots, and you have the perfect winter outerwear.

2. AIWOLU Winter Neck Gaiter Warmer

Cost: $9.99, Pros: elastic, perfect for skiing

If you have a swan neck, protecting your best asset is a must in the winter. This gaiter fits snug and stretches over your face to shield you from the biting winds. Additionally, it’s collapsible, and can easily fit in your pocket once you’re indoors.

3. Yeti Rambler 10 oz Lowball

Cost: $19.99, Pros: easy to hold, different colors to choose from

You’ll thank us later when you’re sitting in an 8:30am Friday class, wondering why you didn’t pack coffee to-go an hour before. Yeti mugs are perfect because they allow you to fit just enough caffeine into your daily routine. More importantly, they’re puncture and rust-resistant, so you can store the mugs in your locker without feeling too guilty.

4. Fit Pack 2 Laptop Backpack

Cost: $135, Pros: Sleek, functional, non-bulky

A laptop and gym bag all-in-one, the Fit Pack contains compartments for your keys, gum, and leather shoes. The mesh back panel provides additional comfort and breathability, rearranging the weight so that your back feels light on treks to Harper.

5. Burt Bee’s Moisturizing Lip Balm

Price: $3.99, Pros: mint flavor, smooth finish

Found in every convenient store, you will soon discover the lip balm is essential to revitalize your puckers after a few minutes in the cold. The balm usually comes in pack of threes, so feel free to gift the extras to your classmates.