Socially Distanced at the Chicago Botanic Garden

Socially Distanced at the Chicago Botanic Garden

One of my favorite places in Chicago is the Chicago Botanic Garden. I have always loved nature and being outdoors. So, let’s face it, an outdoor museum featuring a wide selection of plants and flowers…what’s not to like? In a time when it’s important to take safety and responsibility into consideration when planning activities with friends, the Botanic Garden is an even better option!

Though it’s getting colder out, there are still plenty of warm(er) days in October to enjoy some outdoor fun. In mid-October, I was able to meet up with my Random Walk friends at the garden, enjoy the fall colors, catch up, and have a nice walk while following social distancing guidelines. Random Walk has allowed me to bond and form close relationships with my classmates at Booth. We have had meetups regularly in the first year for lunch and other activities, and I am glad that we could still hang out safely during the pandemic.

Fall has been my favorite time to visit the Chicago Botanic Garden. The weather is usually nice with temperatures that are pleasant most of the time. And, did I mention the vibrant and breathtaking layers of colors?! The Garden’s permanent plant collections cover 385 acres and currently hold more than 2.6 million living plants from all over the world. Some of the interesting gardens include the Japanese Garden, filled with flowering plants and reflecting the yin-yang balance between the ephemeral existence of human life and the timelessness of nature. The other very popular place is the English Walled Garden, featuring six unique garden rooms with elements of English garden design through the centuries.

For those with children, the Botanic Garden offers family classes in areas like investigative science, gardening, and career exploration. Break Camp, Summer Camp, and Nature Preschool are a few.

Looking for an opportunity to get outdoors even during winter? You definitely shouldn’t miss Lightscape, which will run from November 13, 2020 to January 3, 2021. Last year, it made its debut in America for the first time and tickets were quickly sold out. I was fortunate enough to snag a ticket, and it did not disappoint! I recommend checking out the Chicago Botanic Garden website to find out how they’ll be managing crowds and social distancing this year. It’s a great way to enjoy the holiday season and have some outdoor fun.