Booth’s Flexible Curriculum, Part-II

Booth’s Flexible Curriculum, Part-II

It’s almost the end of the winter quarter and we are back again with another article on our dear friend Flexible Curriculum and how current second years have leveraged the flexibility offered by Booth to reach their professional and academic goals. In this article, we will learn about the courses Morgan Harden found helpful in following her passion for Marketing.

A current second year in the Full-Time Program, Morgan Harden is a co-chair of the Marketing Group and probably one of the very few students with a bid point wealth of nearly 30,000! Morgan’s prior experience was in social impact, and she came to Booth with an open mind. Morgan stresses how academic advisors at Booth helped her structure course load to explore Strategy, Marketing, and General Management while focusing on her interest in Marketing.

Her interest to merge the emotional and the practical side of marketing led her to classes such as New Product and Services Lab, Marketing Strategy, and the Pricing Strategies. She particularly enjoyed the New Product and Services Lab since it was very hands-on and allowed her to work on a real product while also learning the stage-gate process, collecting data, and gathering consumer insights.

Morgan doubled down on Marketing courses during her first year. She emphasizes how Marketing Strategy served as an excellent primer for Pricing Strategies—a class that brings to life analytical marketing. Flexible Curriculum helped Morgan calibrate priorities. In the first year, she focused on skill-based courses. In the second year, she has challenged herself with unknown concepts/new functional areas and improving soft skills.

Morgan says Flexible Curriculum allowed her to go beyond Marketing and made her a better marketer in many ways. She recalls the many practical skills she learned from Strategies and Processes in Negotiations and how the course in Strategic Leadership and Literature helped her develop a unique model to read literature and use it in real life.

While at Booth, Morgan has also been working on personal branding and developing as a leader, and the Leadership Studio has helped her immensely in that journey. In addition to Flexible Curriculum, Morgan truly values the weekly professional programming at the Harper Center as mediums for greater exposure and breaking silos.

Our conversation with Morgan has helped us get a peek into the many combinations that are possible with Flexible Curriculum. Next week, we will continue this conversation with Daniel Vandeveer. And, you can read the first installment of our Flexible Curriculum series here.

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