Running of the Bulls

Hello! Hello! we are back again with another exciting article on life at Booth! This week, we will recap our Running of the Bulls game.

Chicago Booth at the United Center

Running of the Bulls is a friendly match between Northwestern Kellogg and Chicago Booth played in the United Center, right before a Bulls game. This year was the first time since 2019 that Running of the Bulls could be organized (2020 and 2021 games were canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic).  

Chicago Booth All-Stars

Chicago Booth’s all-star team of 15 second-year students was ready to win the title! Running of the Bulls was attended by over 900 students, ~600 from Kellogg and more than 300 from Booth. Emotions were high; all the students were courtside cheering for their teams. It was a sea of maroon and purple.

The game begins
Sea of Maroon… the anticipation of a basket!
Anticipation continues…
…. and we scored!!

We were excited and happy (no masks required in Chicago), and we were rooting for a win! The game between Kellogg and Booth was right before the NBA game between Chicago Bulls and Oklahoma City Thunder. After the Kellogg and Booth match, we watched the NBA game! The arena, atmosphere, and energy were all magical, and as some of the players and spectators described it, it was a surreal experience. The event was a great way to show our Booth pride and carry forward traditions.

Although the Booth team played exceptionally well, we lost to Kellogg by a few points. Nevertheless, it was a great evening filled with fun and countless memories we would cherish for years! Along with Student Life, the Chicago Booth Basketball club helped organize the game and has been active within Booth and the broader University of Chicago community all year long. Check out their webpage to learn more about the club and upcoming events.

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