Booth AASA Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month & Highlighting AAPI-Owned Businesses

Booth AASA Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month & Highlighting AAPI-Owned Businesses

At Booth we have a multitude of clubs that cater to the Asian and Asian American communities. The Asian American Student Association (AASA), one of the newest clubs at Booth, exists to create connectivity and social opportunities between Asian American students of all ethnic backgrounds.

This year, AASA has run multiple events to facilitate connections. At the beginning of winter quarter, we collaborated with the Greater China Club (GCC; a club focused on fostering connections between international Chinese students and those interested in working in China after graduation) and the Graduate Business Council (GBC; Booth’s democratically elected student government) for a Lunar New Year LPF at Lao Sze Chuan, a popular Sichuanese restaurant mere steps from the area of the Loop where many Boothies live. The event was well-attended, with over 100 Boothies and their partners in attendance.

In the spring quarter, AASA kicked off Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month with a Crazy Rich Asians-themed drag dim sum dinner at Furama.  Attendees enjoyed a dim sum buffet accompanied by a drag-tastic interpretation of Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians, a modern Cinderella romance between New Yorker Rachel Chu and Singaporean heir Nick Young.

Finally, AASA sent off its 2Ys with another feast at Lao Sze Chuan (can you tell we like Sichuan cuisine?) at the end of May. Attendees enjoyed ten delicious dishes, including xiao long bao (always a crowd favorite), mapo tofu, and dry chili chicken, and one last chance to gather over a Booth-sponsored dinner.

A photo of the wedding scene from our drag-tastic dim sum brunch.

AAPI-Owned Businesses

In honor of AAPI Heritage Month, the AASA co-chairs have rounded up some of our favorite AAPI-owned businesses. We love these establishments and brands and now you will too!


Snacks and groceries:


  • Baisun Candle Co: Asian-inspired candle scents
  • Poketo: cute home and office goods (one of our co-chairs, who shall remain unnamed so as not to shame them, loves the stationary) 
  • Rooted and/or The Sill: for the aspiring plant parent

Personal care:

  • Cocokind: plant-based skincare
  • Orcé: foundation specifically formulated for Asian skintones
  • Tatcha: Japanese-inspired routines

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