Admission Tips from the Booth Experience Team

Admission Tips from the Booth Experience Team

Students collaborating in Winter Garden
Are you currently working on your MBA application? Don’t stress! Our TBE Team is offering their advice for applicants currently going through the admissions journey.

Gain a new perspective about the application process and take your first step towards becoming a Boothie.

Be authentic! Each person has a very individual and personal journey which is a culmination of your professional and personal experiences. Focus on bringing that out in the most authentic way possible rather than solving for what version of yourself is suited for the school. – Armaan Bhatia

While many applicants look at rank, the culture fit can also make a large impact on your MBA experience. I would recommend talking with different people (i.e., current students, alumni, etc) to get a sense of the culture. Each school’s culture is unique, and the right fit can help you build long-lasting friendships, be engaged in the opportunities offered, and grow throughout the MBA experience. For me, I really appreciated the open, supportive, and diverse community at Booth, which has helped me to learn beyond the classroom. – Fawn Bradshaw

The essay portion of the Booth application can be challenging since, in contrast to other schools, there is no word limit. There is, therefore, a sizable canvas on which a candidate can develop a holistic picture. I’d suggest making the most of the available space and communicating your reasons for choosing an MBA: Why MBA? Why now? And Why Booth? – Rishav Dhar

Get constant feedback on your application from the people who know you best. It’s easy to get lost in the depths of making your application as comprehensive as possible. However, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t lose your “voice” in the application process. What helped me the most was getting constant feedback from my friends, family, and colleagues to make sure that my “voice” was always present in everything I turned in. At the end of the day, MBA programs want to make sure they have a well-rounded class and this constant feedback will make sure you express yourself as authentically as possible. – Jon Hussain

Don’t let the fear of rejection hold you back – I almost didn’t apply to Booth because I didn’t think I measured up against the admissions statistics I was seeing online. The admissions process takes into account so much more than just test scores and grades, and so with that said, don’t remove yourself from the running based solely on that. – Jasmine Majdpour

Think of each part of the application as a different surface area to showcase part of your character. If something isn’t covered in your essays, make sure to add it in the short response portion, or mention it during the interview loop. – Nivetha Samy

Make sure to talk to current students in each program you are considering. School reputations are often outdated reference points and what you read on each school’s website is curated. Talking to current students is the best way to get a sense of the opportunities available and the strength of the community. Through these conversations you will be able to tell which programs are a good fit. – Amanuel Seife