Application Advice for Applying to Booth

Application Advice for Applying to Booth

With the next round deadline for the Full-Time Application coming up, The Booth Experience is excited to share as much application advice as we can. We’ve already shared our own tips in the previous post and here we’ve collected words of wisdom from other current Booth students. Hopefully their perspectives will be helpful as well as you work through your app. We’ll follow up with some insights from the Booth Admissions team in the coming weeks so check back as you continue to finalize your Booth application.

Helpful application tips from Current Boothies

Don’t Rush It:
The best advice for applicants is don’t rush it. Put your best foot forward and make sure you’re submitting the best application you can. If that means pushing to Round 2 in order to retake the GMAT or GRE so you can improve your score, do it.

Connect with Existing Boothies:
One way to demonstrate that you’ve done your homework and are invested in the Booth application process is by connecting with existing Booth students. Booth offers a portal called “Connect With a Student” where you can indicate your areas of interest and/or professional background.

The portal will then find existing students with which you can ask your questions and discuss life at Booth. You can access the portal here.

Another recommendation would be to attend the in-person and virtual admissions events to meet members of the Booth community. You can see the full calendar of Full-Time MBA Admissions events here.

In your application, you’ll be able to reference the Boothies you’ve connected with and the resources you’ve used to learn about the school including the events you’ve attended.

On Essays:
Make sure you’re sharing the most impactful stories of your career (and life) to date. The stories you choose to share need to demonstrate the unique perspective you will bring to the Booth community. Tactically speaking, make sure you’ve edited your essays to perfection. Don’t let a small grammatical error knock your credibility.

Likewise, be sure to ask two types of people to review your essay. The first can be someone who has their MBA and went through the admissions process themselves. The second should be someone who is objective and can give advice from a removed perspective.

We wish you all the best on your application process. Stay tuned for more advice and insights as you work through your app and learn more about why Booth is the best place to get your MBA!