Top Five Reasons Why Our TBE Team Chose Booth

Top Five Reasons Why Our TBE Team Chose Booth

Are you asking yourself what’s so special about Chicago Booth? Why should I consider it for my business degree program? Well, if you discovered The Booth Experience blog, and are deep into your MBA school research, it’s safe to assume you should stop asking yourself why Booth and hear some of the reasons why we decided to become Boothies.

The Booth Experience Team compiled some of our feelings on why we chose Chicago Booth and distilled them into the top five reasons why you should become a Boothie, too!

1. Community
The community of people at Booth always have a strong willingness to help each other and find equal happiness in the success of others as their own. The MBA is more than just about academics, a big part of the experience is the people you meet.

Once arriving on campus, you will find that Chicago Booth is rooted in a strong community that binds Boothies together. Most Boothies live within a one block radius, with the overwhelming majority choosing to live in one building informally referred to as the Booth dorms. We feel so integrated into the Booth community and have seen how strong it is.

2. Flexibility
The flexibility of the curriculum allows you to navigate your MBA journey and build your personal Booth experience based on your areas of interests. The opportunity to have a say in what you study and how to spend your time is important. This academic freedom is empowering. During our time at Booth, we have been able to choose our classes intentionally, and in doing so has made us feel more engaged. We are getting the most value out of our MBA experience.

3. Faculty
The notable professors and the wealth of knowledge they possess is unlike any other program. Everyone has the classes they’re looking forward to taking from faculty who are legitimate leaders in their fields. Getting into Booth is like being a kid in a candy store, ready to soak in everything that the school has to offer!

4. Culture
The pay-it-forward culture at Booth is another distinctive feature. You can cold-email Booth alums (even throughout the application period) and the #payitforward ethic is evident in the response rates. Compared to other places we applied to, the Booth alumni had the highest response rates. It’s such a pleasant surprise that a group of people as successful as those at Chicago Booth are prepared to set aside time for a candidate, even before receiving an interview request. Additionally, Boothies are more than happy to open up their networks and connect you with everyone they know. It just demonstrates the faith and trust each member has in the Booth neighborhood.

5. Location
The last factor for many is location. Having collectively lived all over the world, we realize how much value there is to being in a city with the opportunities and resources that it provides. Beyond the cultural and social offerings, Chicago can be an incredible resource for MBAs, providing access to business leaders, industry hubs, entrepreneurs, and investors. We have high-profile guest speakers frequently venturing to campus to chat with us, and also many classes that offer partnerships with real businesses in Chicago. This is an invaluable asset, and one that we have all found ourselves leveraging over the last year.