Summer Stories: Random Walk Edition

Summer Stories: Random Walk Edition

If you haven’t already heard of Random Walks, allow me to introduce you.

I first saw the term Random Walk as I was applying to Booth at a point in time when I was taking 2-3 Pandemic Walks to escape the covid lockdown restrictions in Toronto. Naturally, I assumed Random Walks were strolls through Chicago to get to know your peers via randomized pairings. In some ways I wasn’t entirely off base – Random Walks are meant to introduce you to your peers, but the playing field is much bigger than Chicago.

Every year, over 400 incoming first-year students embark on one of 30+ trips around the world led by second-year students. The trips range from hiking in Chile to lounging on a beach in Malta, each offering a unique experience and an opportunity to form close friendships within the Booth community before orientation even begins.

This summer I traveled to Thailand with three friends and fellow second years to welcome fourteen first years to the Booth community. Over the course of eight days, we traveled from Bangkok to Phuket, fighting jetlag to explore this beautiful country.

We tasted a range of Thailand’s culinary offerings from street foods to three-star Michelin restaurants, then endured the less-than-ideal food poisoning that followed.

Can you spot the Michelin Star meal?

We had a spa day with some local elephants, treating them to bananas and a mud bath. The elephants liked some of us better than others.

We gambled with the weather and island hopped in Phuket – we won.

It was a week of long days and longer nights, but well worth it. Despite a 24-hour flight to Thailand during monsoon season, this trip will be one of my favorite memories from Booth.

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