Boothies Abroad

Boothies Abroad

Boothies tend to travel quite a bit. Between long weekend trips to Cuba or Paris, Spring Break in Israel (aptly named BoothRight), Ski Trips to Canada and Colorado, Random Walks to Brazil, Japan, Costa Rica, Peru, Russia, South Africa…. and pretty much everywhere else, Boothies are a globally adventurous and travel-hungry crew!

But for some who want a truly immersive global experience, there is the ultimate Booth travel opportunity – study abroad!

Officially called the International Business Exchange Program (IBEP), IBEP is an opportunity for Booth students to study abroad at one of our 33 partner schools in 20 countries around the world. The exchange partners are all globally prestigious schools in important global markets. It is truly an incredible opportunity to learn through a unique perspective and build a(n even more) global network during your time at Booth.

I strongly considered applying to study abroad, but ultimately decided to stay here on campus for a few reasons; I wanted to continue to deepen my Chicago network, take certain classes with particular Booth professors, and because I had the wonderful opportunity to study abroad as an undergraduate.

That said, I had some study abroad FOMO when I saw this picture of Boothies meeting up for a weekend in Amsterdam pop up on my news feed. It also inspired me to reach out to a few Boothies Abroad to hear a bit more about their decision to study abroad at Booth and their experiences so far. So without further ado….

Where are you studying abroad (school, city, and country)?
Nick Pucci and Kacie King: London Business School, London, UK
Catherine Jackson and Nate Clancy: Australian Graduate School of Management at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Why did you decide to study abroad?
Nick: I’ve always wanted to live abroad (especially in London) and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. It was also a chance to travel a bunch, escape Chicago’s winter, and immerse myself in a totally different MBA experience.

Catherine: I decided to study abroad to expand my network and recruiting efforts into Australia since I’ll be relocating here after graduation.

Nate: After a “mild” winter last year, I decided to go from winter to summer overnight. Plus, I really wanted to do more traveling, and this is probably the last time I can take a casual 10 week trip.

How are you coping with Booth FOMO?
Catherine: Booth FOMO is driving me crazy. I miss hanging out and getting dinner with my friends, TNDC, and I have a deeper appreciation for the quality of the education we receive at Booth and caliber of the professors. Skype/WhatsApp/Snapchat/ Facebook/Instagram are always open on my phone to help me feel connected to the friends I left behind. However, these feelings are definitely offset by the fact that Australia is literally paradise with endless beaches, beautiful weather, friendly people and incredible food 🙂

Nick: Not checking Snapchat on Thursday nights.

What has been your favorite experience so far?
Nick: Tough call – either exploring the canals of Amsterdam by boat (captained by Booth’s own Captain Nikolai Oudalov) or watching the sunset off the westernmost point in continental Europe in Portugal.

Catherine: My favorite experience so far was renting a catamaran and sailing around the Sydney Harbour with friends for my birthday.

Anything you miss?
Nick: Boothies of course, as well as Booth’s great professors.

Kacie: I would say my friends in Chicago, but we are all visiting each other….3 of my best friends came to visit me in London and we traveled to Oxford from there. A bunch of Booth exchange students (+1 Kellogg) all over Europe met up in Amsterdam for Nikolai to show us around; and I just went to Cape Town to visit Lydia Carle (Booth ‘2017).

Catherine: In addition my general Booth FOMO, I miss Amazon and Venmo.