Marketing Curriculum Series: Channel Marketing at Booth

Marketing Curriculum Series: Channel Marketing at Booth

After my summer internship in brand management, I knew more than ever that I needed to get a better understanding of managing channel dynamics and product distribution. Just a few of the questions I had to grapple with are: What types of retailers exist and what negotiation tactics should we leverage? What is an exclusive deal and should we pursue one? How do we achieve category captaincy? 

Luckily, I have been able to revisit some these questions and learn even more in Professor Øystein Daljord’s Going to Market: Managing Channel Strategy Class. The class, which incorporates, in true Booth fashion, elements of marketing, operations, statistics and economics, covers everything tied to the channel and more specifically “the tradeoffs firms face in channel management as they bring a product to the market”. 

I have enjoyed the class because it is extremely relevant to the field I will be entering. This was especially clear to me when we covered the Natureview Farm Case, in which a yogurt company needed to decide on both a product and retail distribution strategy. The analysis that followed and the questions we asked are similar to conversations I overheard this summer and will partake in upon entering the Brand Manager role. 

But even beyond this, I have particularly enjoyed the balance between case and lecture, the seminar-style setting, which allows each member of the class to participate multiple times throughout, and the upcoming opportunity to hear directly from one of the founders of Chicago’s Koval Distillery. 

This has been one of the most relevant and applicable courses I have taken at Booth and I look forward to learning more and applying these learnings on the job post-graduation.