Fall Fun in Chicago

Fall can feel like a whirlwind at Booth. First year, I spent my fall obsessively  “coffee-chatting”, “crop-circling”,  and “corporate-conversationing” — a strange lexicon of made-up verbs familiar to the 250 or so of us who put ourselves through the process of recruiting for management consulting internships each year.

However, fall also brings a host of other pursuits to Booth and Chicago. Among some of my favorites are….

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Veterans Day at Chicago Booth

On Veterans Day, I always think about those who have served, those who are currently serving, and those who will serve. But it is also hard for me to think about veterans without thinking about the impact of the University of Chicago economist Milton Friedman – the father of America’s all-volunteer force.

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Great Scott! We’re back in the ’80s

Two days after the world celebrated “Back to the Future Day”, Booth’s Graduate Business Council (GBC) threw a time-traveling party of its own – The Booth Arcade ’80s Fall Mixer.

GBC’s “primary objective is to help maximize students’ life experiences while they are at Chicago Booth.”  As the first GBC event of the school year, the arcade mixer did just that.  It was a great way for 1Y and 2Y students to meet, mix, and mingle while sporting ’80s attire, enjoying food and beverages, and jamming out to our favorite throwback tunes.  In its second year, the event has become a favorite among students.  Check it out!

Outliers: The Story of Chicago Booth

Definition of OUTLIER

IMG_3875noun | out·li·er

  1. A thing situated away or detached from the main system
  2. Significant change or mismeasurement.
  3. Data value (The Chicago Booth way 🙂 ) that falls outside the shape of the distribution for that variable. It indicates a special case that might be worth further investigation.

* An outlier can be an unusual, important observation.

As Malcolm Gladwell puts it in his book, Outliers … individuals need to commit 10,000 hours of dedicated practice to truly master a skill such as playing the violin, computer programming, or skateboarding.

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Well then… let’s hit the road!

As some might remember I got to compete in the Social New Venture Challenge (SNVC) last year. We didn’t win. But I had my 5 minutes of fame. So now I am back to update you on my summer.

It is all about the people

Intoxicated by the entrepreneurial and social impact world – one of my SNVC teammates, Kevin Lam, and I have set out to create a unique opportunity for Booth students. Together with two more co-founders, Emma Rotenberg and Chris Boulos, we have launched the Chicago Road Ventures initiative that will give MBAs a chance to use the break between first and second year to experience said world.

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