The Night Before Ski Trip

The Night Before Ski Trip

‘Twas the night before ski trip, when all through the Loop,
All the skiers were prepping to leave as a group;
The bags were packed tight to avoid baggage fees,
Snowsuits, jackets, and mittens to make sure they don’t freeze.

The students were nestled all snug in their Lyfts;
While dreaming of the freebies they’d soon get as gifts;
Rob in his pineapple and I in my boots,
Had settled ourselves for the long winding routes,
When out on the mountain I saw so much powder,
I sprang from my seat before it got crowded.
Away to the ski lift I flew in a flash,
All the way to the top to make the first dash.
The sun on the side of the new fallen snow,
Made the town look like heaven below,
When what to my wondering eyes did I see,
But a group of the cochairs skiing past me,
With their skis so nimble and fast,
I knew in that moment we’d be having a blast.

That night we prepared for the first holidaze,
And admired the costumes we felt deserved praise:
Now Santa! Now Onesie! Now Gingerbread Man!
On Angel! On Snowflake! On Dreidel and Elf Clan!
To the top of the dance floor! To the top of the bar!
Now dance away, dance away, dance away all!
Drink plenty of water they make sure to say,
The altitude here is no joke, no way!

As the next morning comes and the wild headaches fly,
When met with this obstacle, we look at the sky;
So back up to the slopes on the courses we went
Donned in the latest ski onesie, our money well spent –
We fly down the mountain, headache no more,
All worries of finals and interviews out the door;
And then, in a jiffy, back to Apres,
There’s hot tubs and schnapps and fires ablaze;
We work with our partners to cook some great dinners,
And hope they haven’t tired of being our breadwinners;

The group walks around town in our matching ski hats,
Obvious to all, those Booth diplomats;
A few moments relaxing before the next themed event,
We can’t remember a time so content;
We spring into action in tonight’s costume,
Walk into the disco and light up the room;
We hear them exclaim, as we dance into the night –
“Happy ski trip to all, and to all a good flight!”

When asked what is my favorite Booth tradition? It goes without saying it’s our big December ski trip!

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