Booth Helped Me Change Careers (Engineering to IB)

Booth Helped Me Change Careers (Engineering to IB)

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Growing up, I was fascinated by the real-world applications of chemistry, biological sciences, and mathematics, and this curiosity led me to pursue advanced degrees in Applied Bioengineering. After school, I continued to follow my passion and joined the product development team at Boehringer Ingelheim and then went on to join the process development and commercialization team at Kite, where I spent the last 5 years before starting Business School. While at Kite, I experienced firsthand the impacts of a corporate acquisition when Kite was acquired by Gilead. This experience made me realize that finance is the catalyst for change and the unparalleled opportunity and access Investment Bankers have across industries.

As an applicant, I was convinced that Booth would help me pivot to investment banking. Now, as a rising second year, I can confirm that Booth prepared me to secure an internship within the Investment Banking Division at J.P. Morgan. Given my non-finance background, I was skeptical of my chances for securing an internship in a new field and a new sector (industrials). That skepticism was resolved by the structure and the unparalleled support and guidance provided by the Investment Banking Group (IBG) and the Career Services. Throughout the recruiting process and for the months leading up to the internship, IBG and the Career Services Team planned training programs and events that really helped me prepare for interviews as well as for the internship.

Before starting at J.P. Morgan in June, I was excited but also apprehensive of moving to New York City, and the ongoing pandemic further added to the nervousness. My internship was for nine weeks (in-person) and flew by in the blink of an eye! I’m pleased to say the experience more than exceeded my expectations! During the internship, I was exposed to clients in different industry verticals and to different banking products and had the opportunity to understand how the many divisions of a bank collaborate to provide the best services to clients.

I continually assessed the culture, engagement, and mentorship of the J.P. Morgan team throughout recruiting as well as during the internship. And I was blown away by the support, guidance, and mentorship I received from both the Booth alumni within the bank but also from the other bankers I was working with. Booth’s pay-it-forward culture was eminent during the recruiting process from the support and guidance I received from IBG’s second year and alumni. It was also very much present throughout my internship! The Booth recruiting team went above and beyond to ensure that our internship was holistic and provided unmatched support and guidance throughout the internship.

My internship experience gave me a sneak-peek into the world of Investment Banking, a platform that enabled me to learn from the best minds on the Street. During the internship, I was able to leverage the new skills I had inculcated at Booth as well as my prior professional experience, but most importantly, I became part of a community I could always rely on.

More on my NYC summer in the next post – from apartment hunting to long lines for the infamous cookie and vanilla milk shots! 

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