Summer Stories: New York Edition

Summer Stories: New York Edition

Summer Stories Niv ini NYC
People come to business school for a variety of reasons. Some would like to pivot functions or industries, while others are taking a break to explore other interests and deepen their understanding of business before returning back to their firms. I came to business school for a relatively unique reason; I wanted to get a job in tech which would bring me to New York city.

My family is Tamil-American and I grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I have nothing to do with New York except for being enamored by the diversity, fashion, and hustle I saw on TV, heard about in music, and read about in books. I attended the University of Michigan located in my cute, college town of Ann Arbor, and spent my four pre-Booth years out in the evergreen city of Seattle. 

The two Boothies at Amex this summer, before starting our first day of work!

Living in an urban environment was so important to me that it largely influenced my decision to come to Booth. I had spent time in Tokyo, Taipei, Hong Kong, Paris, London, and Chennai, so I craved the energy and the open-endedness of a day in the city. Outside of the New York schools, Chicago Booth is the only school truly located in a major city and allows students to have the connectivity of an academic community with all the joys that a cosmopolitan center allows.

I cast a wide net for where I wanted to spend my summer and was down to two options; a Product Manager (PM) role in big tech out in the Bay Area, or a growth marketing role with American Express based in the heart of the New York Financial District (read: FiDi). After many pros/cons lists and late night ruminations, I signed with American Express and spent 10 weeks commuting up and down Manhattan on the ACE lines, literally rubbing elbows with investment bankers and stock traders while listening to drummers and subway chatter.

Out of undergrad I made a choice on my next move, which prioritized my job over my location. I am so grateful for my job in tech but realized the city of Seattle was not the right fit. Chicago is getting me closer to my dream and this summer in New York helped me realize it. 

I loved New York. The world was at my fingertips; I lived in Hell’s Kitchen where I could get food from all corners of the world; spent time in Fort Green where music filled the streets, and had many  park days where I’d read under the clouds as birthdays were celebrated and dogs ran about. New York is the first US city I’ve lived in where I saw myself in the streets and also saw people who were nothing like me. Diversity and intersectionality is everywhere and celebrated here; seen in the numerous events, businesses, and boroughs people have made home.

This is my MBA summer, read below to see what my friends had to say about their summers!

Gerri Zhang

What did you do this summer?

This summer, I’m working at Pfizer as a pharmaceutical marketing associate. I am working on a couple health care provider focused campaigns for the global meningococcal vaccines franchise. I have really enjoyed my experience so far. It’s a great opportunity and I’ve learned a lot about the pharmaceutical industry and the marketing function in general. My team has been incredibly supportive of my learning and has really made me feel welcome

Most fun thing you did with Boothies in NYC?

Outside of work I’ve really enjoyed living in New York and experiencing the city! The most fun thing I’ve done with other Boothies is going to see the American Ballet Theater perform Swan Lake at the Metropolitan Opera, and then getting drinks after. My favorite NYC restaurant is Sushi Noz and my favorite activities are going to art museums and running in Central Park!

Tunde Babarinsa

What did you do this summer?

This summer I worked at Colgate-Palmolive as a Global Marketing Development Program Intern. My role was a general management position that had a heavy influence of brand management. My internship gave me a lot of visibility within the company with senior executives as my project required collaboration with the CEO, CFO, and the North American Head of Marketing. I was in charge of creating the go-to-market strategy for Colgate’s new at-home-whitening portfolio within the oral care segment. I was able to use a myriad of skills and even relied on skills I didn’t think I’d use ever again after leaving the financial services industry to come to Booth. My day-to-day had me interacting with quite a few cross-category partners, which led to a holistic recommendation that required the buy-in from multiple parties. It was a challenging and insightful experience that helped me build invaluable skills. We also had a group intern project focused on Colgate’s main social impact cause – Bright Smiles, Bright Futures. My fellow interns and I were tasked with creating a playbook for Colgate to make this wonderful program more visible to all stakeholders within the next year. Bright Smiles, Bright Futures(

What’s the most fun thing you’ve done with Boothies in NYC?

I took part in a high-end multi-course omakase and sake experience at Sushi Nakazawa in Greenwich Village with some fellow Boothies this summer. Beforehand, a few of us grabbed drinks at the oldest Irish bar in NYC and it was as if we stepped back in time for a while.

Favorite NYC Restaurant/Activities?

I can’t narrow it down to just one restaurant! Keen’s Steakhouse in Midtown and Balthazar in SoHo are my two favorite restaurants. My favorite NYC activities include spending time in some of my favorite parks throughout the city including Central Park, Washington Square Park, and Prospect Park in BK and spending my summer Fridays poolside with a frosty bev at DUMBO House.

Nishanthi Jegannathan 

What did you do this summer?

My goal this summer is to become a better investor by gaining exposure to a variety of investment strategies and philosophies. I am interning at two firms this summer: Alger — a NY based growth equity firm; and Hotchkis & Wiley — an LA based value investing firm. So far, I have loved my time in NY — I am learning a lot and can’t wait to see what LA has in store.

Most fun thing you did with Boothies this summer?

One of the most memorable experiences I’ve had with other Boothies in NY this summer has been exploring the restaurant scene. Some of my current favorite spots in the city are L’Artusi, Don Angie, Babbo, and Jaiya

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