TechCon 2023: Exploring the Future of Technology and Business

TechCon 2023: Exploring the Future of Technology and Business

Guest blog by Pallavi Goenka

TechCon 2023 was a technology conference that brought together some of the brightest minds in technology and business. It was curated with an exceptional lineup of speakers and moderators to provide the attendees with an unforgettable experience. The guiding mission was to serve as a forum for Chicago’s Tech community to discuss the ideas and products changing our world and to engage with the people and leaders shaping our future.

This year’s conference theme was, “The World in 2030”, and we hoped to transport the audience to the near future and imagine how the tech landscape might emerge from this pivotal moment. The conference was kicked off by Aleena Agrawal, Vice-President of Talent Solutions at P33 Chicago, and a former Booth student. We were thrilled to have Alex Lieberman, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman at Morning Brew, as our keynote speaker. He shared his valuable insights on the role of technology in shaping the future of business.

The other speakers covered a range of influential topics, including the impact of Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning in our lives. They spoke about filling in the gaps in Health Care, the latest developments in FinTech, and the urgent need for climate and sustainability solutions. Other panels also included topics such as the future of robotics and supply chain management, and how these technologies could transform our world in the coming years.

“As professional as any conference I’ve attended. Good to have a dedicated room for speakers: my stuff was stored and I met new people! Most of all, I appreciate the responsiveness of the organizers to rethink the session framing, bringing it in line less with media language and more with industry self-identification.”

“The speakers were all amazing! A variety of topics were discussed, and I liked how this year’s conference tried to tie in Chicago as the next tech hub. It was quite encouraging and motivating as a student at Booth pursuing a career in Tech.”

The organizing team of TechCon 2023 was extremely grateful for the wonderful turnout and the positive feedback received from both the speakers and the attendees. Overall, TechCon 2023 was an unforgettable experience that provided valuable insights and meaningful discussions for all who attended.