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Health Care Group Trek: San Francisco & South Bay

By: Ellen Lesser, Jason Lee, and Sarika Asthana

The future of healthcare is a hot topic these days, especially as costs continue to rise within the complex structure of the US system. Here at Booth, many of us are interested in helping address existing challenges by driving change and innovation in the space through our careers post-graduation. Over Winter Break, 16 members of Booth’s Health Care Group embarked on a trek to San Francisco to meet with a variety of healthcare companies, to get a glimpse of the industry’s future, and to learn more about the potential roles we can play.

Multiple sectors within healthcare were represented by the 14 participating companies on our trek, from the more traditional payor, provider, and biotech organizations, to venture capital and private equity firms, to startups of varying size and emphasis (including two of FierceHealthcare’s Fierce 15 of 2020!). Each company visit provided a view not only into the broad healthcare opportunities and challenges they face, but also into their unique cultures and approaches to addressing patient, member, and consumer needs. Read on for some of the key themes of our trip to the Bay Area.

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the world is your classroom: global social impact practicum (part II)

This is the second post of a two-part series, the first of which can be found here.

Last you heard from me, I was gearing up to jet off to India along with 15 of my classmates as part of the Global Social Impact Practicum (GSIP), an experiential course at Booth in which students explore how social innovation can help solve some of India’s biggest challenges. As a brief recap, my group is partnering with a team at the Pritzker School of Medicine that has developed an oral cancer screening and diagnostic kit that they hope to bring to market in India.

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a boothie thanksgiving: 10 days across peru

Immediately after the aircraft touched down in Lima, loud chanting and song broke out across the plane. After seeing the confused look on my face, the gentleman next to me kindly explained that millions from across South America were currently flying into Lima for the biggest soccer match of the year – the Copa Libertadores final. He suspected that the energy in Lima would be electric – and that the customs lines would be very long.

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