Flexible Curriculum, Part V

Flexible Curriculum, Part V

Over the past year, I was pleased to bring you the many opportunities made available by the Flexible Curriculum at Booth. And in many ways, the Flexible Curriculum enabled me to take a more active role in my academic experience. The Flexible Curriculum means different things to different people; for me, it was a reminder that my educational experience at Booth depended on my choices. This flexibility came with immense responsibility because now I had to decide which classes to take, how many bid points to bid, and the order of course prioritization. There was no pre-determined path I could follow; instead, I was paving it as I progressed through the two years.

In the Flexible Curriculum series, we showcased how students interested in Investment Banking, Consulting, General Management, Marketing, and Technology leveraged the Flexible Curriculum to cater to their specific needs. Each student carved an experience that worked for them. For example, Manya Mullick cultivated her interest in Business and Art by leveraging the flexibility of taking up to six courses across the broader University of Chicago. At the same time, Morgan Harden used the Flexible Curriculum to explore Strategy, Marketing, and General Management while doubling down on her interest in Marketing. Morgan also emphasized how the Flexible Curriculum allowed her to go beyond Marketing and, in many ways, made her a better marketer.

When we caught up with Dan Vandeveer, he emphasized how it is vital to utilize a Flexible Curriculum to step out of your comfort zone and not fall prey to groupthink. Dan followed his passion for General Management by taking courses across the seven core areas and the twelve different subject areas. Dan also echoed the importance of quarterly academic advising sessions and how these helped him streamline course planning. Similarly, our conversation with Prachi Kulkarni brought to the forefront the wide variety of courses offered at Booth and how the Flexible Curriculum helped her become more well-rounded. Prachi leveraged the Flexible Curriculum to pursue her passion for Technology by doubling down on courses that met her academic and professional needs.

I can attest that the flexibility the Flexible Curriculum offered helped me balance coursework with multiple in-quarter internships! And that flexibility in course offerings and course timings indeed had a significant impact on my academic experience. The articles in the Flexible Curriculum series are a sneak peek into the many combinations made possible by the Flexible Curriculum. At Booth, there is no pre-determined path. Instead, there is the support to pave your own!

The year has ended, as has my time at Booth! This is the last post in the Flexible Curriculum series. Follow the Booth Experience Team blog posts and Instagram to learn more about all that Booth has to offer!

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